Business Performance Management through Process Diagramming

1 – What myProcessDiagram does ?

myProcessDiagram (let’s say mPD) helps businesses perform by giving them visibility to hidden processes stored on the web.

2 – How mPD does it ?

mPD crawl the web searching for processes in various BPM domains in order to add value to those processes.

3 – What value does mPD add ?

If necessary, mPD diagrams the business processes it has found. So it gives the readers a more comprehensive view of the processes steps.

mPD comments and analyzes the business processes it has found. So it gives the readers a keenvision of the true applicatibility of the steps that are described.

Eventually, mPD may produce a process synthesis in the form of a diagram that includes the necessary steps a specific business process should cover.

4 – Why concentrating on diagrams ?

mPD does diagramming because it is a true belief that a good image worth a thousand words. By translation a good process diagram can drammatically and quickly improve a business performance by days.

5 – On which processes does mPD focus ?

mPD focus on Business Processes because the major value of existing processes descriptions will benefit to corporations. As part of businesses, mPD covers areas such as : Application Performance Management, API Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Brand Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Architecture, Innovation Management, IT Management, Human Ressources Management, IT Portofolio Management, Project Management, Master Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Sales Management, …

6 – What does mPD have in return ?

The main Return on Investment are the gentil comments the readers give us and the satisfaction of the initial providers of the business process descriptions who ask for an analysis of what they produced.

The secondary Return on Investment is that each post author will constantly learn from what he analyzes, comments and synthetizes. For each author working on Processes helps in the daily challenges to cope with in everyone specific business. So we think it’s for you too.

At least mPD put some ads in order to cover the inherent charge of running a website. Please read the terms and privacy policy.


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