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I am a 15+ years experienced professional who has worked in large firms and already had entrepreneurship experiences. In my daily work I used to manage variousĀ  business performance domains.

With a clear data visualization sensibility, I’m deeply convinced that images can improve the understanding of things especially in matter of process management.

Images help undestanding and processes help Business Performance. That’s why I daily use the BPM approach in a visual manner and launched It forces me to clearly undestand how other professionals see things, sharply design the process I use and constantly improve the way I communicate about them.

You’ll find all the articles I have posted following this link. You want to write articles that will be published in your own name on Please feel free to contact me in order you can get a dedicated publisher account.

I really hope you will find on this website what you are searching for and that the processes you’ll find will help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Because process management is not a fixed area and because I’m not a custodian of truth, feel free to share your experience and knowledge through the comments fields of each post of this website.

You can also reach me with the contact form below. Hope I’ll hear from you.

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